Wide Listener

Drew Kennedy brought me on board his new project “Wide Listener” to help him convey, visually, what the record would be about. It started early with a Kickstarter campaign and ended with this video that gives you a glimpse at the inspiration behind the writing, the writer, the words, the emotion and the songs of Wide Listener.

Drew is a hard worker and one of his greatest traits is that while he is good at alot of different things, he knows that he is best at songwriting and being a musician. That is where he funnels most of his energy and even from the beginning it showed up in this record.

I was excited to work along side someone with a strong work ethic and dedication to what he is making. The great part was that Drew didn’t just work along side me and let me shoot some crazy ideas, but he pushed me to think and react on the next level of where I am as a film maker that loves music. I think that what came out was some of my best work.

I strive to make visuals that compliment the sounds of music. It’s not easy and it’s not understood by alot of people, but when it comes together, it fills out the overall experience and doesn’t take away from the power of music.

I hope people watch this video and go buy the record. Moreover, I hope people go buy the record and then watch this video. It’s not just an introduction, it’s the inspiration… and I believe the later of the two will stir more of an emotion than watching it with no concept of the record.

If the video stirred something in you and you don’t have the record, please go to Drew’s website or iTunes and pick up Wide Listener. I love it.