1000 Words is Worth a Single Picture

Every once in a while you approach things backwards.

My friend Jamie lost her Grandma about two years ago and they are in the process of selling her house in Brookshire, Texas. It was a place that housed a few generations of her family and one that Jamie grew up playing in as a kid. Through a spark of inspiration, she asked me to come take some photos of her in the house to use as promo shots and maybe to also have as a memory.

Right after her Grandmas passing, Jamie wrote down her thoughts and memories and it’s one of the best things I’ve read due to the sheer honesty of it. But that’s Jamie.. a beacon of honesty.

I didn’t re-read it till I got back home and started looking through what I had shot that day. With most photos, you want them to tell a story, to take a life of their own… and I think we got a few really great ones that do just that.

But in some ways I feel like the story had already been told before we even pulled the camera out.

So as I read through the thoughts Jamie had written about her Grandma, I came to this…

I was thankful for her, for the love and respect that she gave all of us, even as children, and for having the capacity to appreciate true beauty when I see it.

Jamie Lin

This is Jamie sitting at her Grandma’s old Piano thinking about all those memories. And right now I could care less about all the rest of everything I shot that day… this photo is for those 1000 words she wrote two years ago.