Hidden Laziness

Laziness is spreading across the land like a plague, it’s being masked as “quicker – easier – simpler” and we are all relentlessly buying it.

Keep a vigilant watch that your work isn’t made lazy by “quicker – easier – simpler”, but rather that they help to create better work. The lazy are never respected and often ridiculed.

  • Facebook, email and texting make it easy to type “I’m sorry.”, “Can we go on a date?” or “I love you!”, but they are never a replacement for spoken word.
  • The internet is a great place to learn about photography, but it is never a replacement for pushing the shutter button.
  • Gift cards let your loved ones buy what they want, but don’t let it replace paying attention and giving them a gift they desire.
  • Pre-made dinners are fast, but don’t think that it takes the place of a meal made by someone that can wield a kitchen knife.
  • Consuming a fire hose of music is good, but don’t believe that you have become deeply intimate with a song until you’ve heard it a hundred times.

I won’t be lazy. And I won’t believe that the goal in life is to make my work easier just so that I can rest longer.

Work cures everything. ~Henri Matisse