A new day dawns when you seem to need it most and fortunately, it happens every morning.

This past year, I’ve sat in this chair for countless nights and tried to write something better than the last thing I wrote… better than the best thing that I ever wrote… or even just better than what some other person wrote. Rarely did I succeed and more often than not I went to bed scared to death that my best work was behind me.

For a year I’ve been thinking, “Something has to give. Something has to change.”

I’ve been stuck in a cycle of trying to restart or reinvent what I want to write about and who I want to write for. Nothing was working and creatively, it affected more than just my writing.

Clarity often strikes like thunder and today it crashed down with a sonic boom. I realized you can’t fix anything you do when you’re rusted and broken to the core.

Everything has to be leveled on the inside and started fresh, building upon on the lessons we’ve learned, the knowledge we’ve gained, the people we call friends, and the strength we’ve acquired.

There is no such thing as a quick fix. Not in writing and not in life. When you build either of those on a bad foundation, you can never feel confident to stand strong.

I’m starting fresh and writing about whatever I damn well please. There’s no foundation here. No rules. No personal roadblocks of previous success or failure. Only a clean slate to stretch my writing, my creativity and my life.

Hold fast to what you believe in and those that believe in you. A new day is dawning and leaving the dark night behind.